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This is NOT a State-Approved Driving School...

. . . Instead, here you'll learn ADVANCED Driving Techniques That Can Save Your Life.

Need proof ?......try this spin recovery video.

"My Mechanical Engineering Degree has Helped Me Understand Vehicle Dynamics."

Dellis, On Driving Instruction:

"Anyone can learn how to handle a car safely at the limit , as long as they're
taught in terms they can understand."

"And, when you're trying to avoid an accident, you'll be at the me.

...Ed Dellis

KDOC TV Morning Show -- Feb '08, Trailbraking in plain English.

Learn about Automotive Technology & Driving: DAMDriver on YouTube

"When you remove the fear from driving, you can go anywhere."

...Ed Dellis

So, whether :

  • You've purchased a high-performance car, or
  • You just had an accident and are having trouble regaining your confidence, or
  • You're just learning how to drive,
Dellis' 1-on-1 driving instruction will change the way you look at driving...forever."

"I've trademarked the concept of using fuzzy dice, hairbrushes, and balloons to convey a sense of car control in terms that anyone can understand."

Ed continues...

"My techniques have developed over the past three decades, and delve into the domain of racecar driving, but with a twist.

"Over 8-plus years teaching professionally at Skip Barber and TrackTime at tracks across the country have taught me what people don't understand about car control.

"My focus is teaching you advanced car control and showing you
how to recognize what the limit looks, feels , and smells like.

That way, you're better able to handle ANY situation you encounter out on the roadways."

"This translates directly into being a safer driver."

...Ed Dellis