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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video speaks volumes when it comes to demonstrating high-performance driving techniques.

Classes present various videos throughout the day to show you what is being described.

Both in-car and stationary video will show you what it looks like from both outside the car, AND what the driver is doing inside.

  • Spin-Outs
  • J-Turns (in reverse)
  • Handbrake Turns
  • Road Hazards
  • Road Rage
  • Getting Shot At & High-Speed Pursuits
  • Escape Options
  • Stealth Driving Techniques (to prevent you from getting traffic tickets)

You'll find out why "everything seems to happen in slow motion" when disaster strikes. You'll discover how to maximize your realistic options of escape by learning to recognize how your car handles at the limit. You'll find out how to recognize the early signs of brake fade, and how to drive around it. You'll learn how to negotiate a high-speed turn safely. I'll even show you how to blend into traffic virtually undetected after a hot, road-rage pursuit.

The Car Control portion of the course is an excellent way to prepare you for a day at the track. You'll learn:

  • Hand- and Foot-Work
  • Understeer and Oversteer
  • Rotations
  • Weight Transfer
  • Threshold and ABS Braking
  • Slip-Angles
  • Friction Circle
  • Steering with the Gas
  • Drag Racing Secrets
  • Vehicle Modifications

By taking this class, you'll be able to practice all the basic techniques at lower limits on the street, BEFORE you arrive at the track. This will allow you to focus your attention on more advanced concerns, such as learning the track or working on your line. I feel you'll get more for your dollar on track day if you to take advantage of your instructor's in-car time at the track working on higher-level techniques, rather than just learning "the basics" such as footwork and steering techniques.

Private Driving Lessons are available in Southern California and around the country with travel provided. The all-day format prepares you for on-track driving schools by showing you ahead of time what you're going to learn in the classroom. You will also learn proper hand- and foot-work so you can practice on the street until you reach subconscious-competentcy.