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Ed Dellis' driving presentations are based on the "Never Give Up" driving philosophy. While this motivational presentation deals directly with driving safety, many of the principles can be carried over to everyday corporate life, often re-igniting some of that lost worker zeal.

Many good drivers have a tendency to freeze when confronted with an unexpected driving situation. This talk offers alternate ways to deal with the unexpected. It also covers basic car control, safety tips, highway driving tips, accident and ticket avoidance, as well as how to drive in inclement weather.

This One-Day program begins with exciting in-car video shot during the 2002 Cannonball One Lap of America. In the four-minute video, the event's fastest car -- driven by Dellis -- is on the ragged edge throughout the entire run. It leaves the track once, spins out, nearly hits a retaining wall, but the end result is the day's 4th fastest time.

Groups from 5-500 can be accommodated in this talk.

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