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Simply the best throttle bodies. Although they didn't even want the link, I would be remiss if I didn't help promote this excellent product.
McLeod builds the most incredible clutch around. George, Les, and the rest of his gang redefine customer service. You HAVE to drive one of their double-disk clutches at least once in your life....unbelievable bite!
These guys know how to fill a hole. Mr. Stacy Stone won't steer you wrong. These pistons can survive SEVERE detonation, and other top-end destruction while providing a barrier strong enough to save the bottom end.
It's all about duty cycle at the injector. Whether you spend millions generating the signal, or take advantage of SDS' "Lean-Rich Knob" and pocket the rest of the time and money, you can't squeeze any more horsepower out of that drop of fuel. Their elegantly simple engine management systems epitomizes the KISS theory.
If you're old enough, you might recognize where the cross-ram manifold came from on the Lister. And now that retro-modern is making a come-back, Fred and Bill are still hard at work in their machine shop trying to keep up with the orders.
These are a durable, high-quality, comfortable set of driving shoes with contemporary styling.
Great product. Great customer service. Famous for high horsepower/liter VW engines, Scat is now making tough, lightweight cranks for virtually all hotrods today.