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In the late '50s, Listers dominated the road racing circuits. They represented the finest examples of front-engine racing technology. The ones that made it to America were quickly fitted Chevrolet small-block engines found in the Corvette, and the few that made it onto the racetrack became popularized in the U.S as Lister Corvettes.

This 1958 Beck Lister replica was Chuck Beck's personal race car. It is a special one-off, light-weight racing version of his road-going cars, and is Serial #007. It's a two-layer lay-up (three is standard), and weight was further saved by reducing coachwork to hood pins and cosmetic step-over doors. (more)...

How the Lister got the media's attention:

Everyone loves an underdog...

It's hard to imagine how a car with only 3.64 lbs/HP can be considered an underdog, but when you factor in its utter lack of creature comforts, an insane picture begins to emerge.

The Cannonball One Lap of America is one of the most grueling motorsport events in the Northern Hemisphere. It's billed as an entire racing season crammed into one week where drivers must drive their cars from track-to-track with little or no sleep...often with legs extending 900 miles or more!

Dellis having had podium finishes in this event before in the Vintage Foreign Category, knows the race can be won in the Lister; however, Mother Nature and Lady Luck often have another agenda.

This inevitably makes for an interesting story and the media is never far when the action unfolds.

In order for the Lister to become competitive for week-long endurance racing, some additional tuning will be required.

Through the support of like-minded sponsors, the Lister will become a formidable competitor. For 2002, Dellis engaged the forces of Donovan Engineering, JE Pistons, Scat Cranks, McLeod Clutches, SDS EFI, MSD, CompCams, SpiralTurbo Baffles, and several others to ensure each pony had only 3.64 pounds to push around.

Other changes since then include: improved braking, lighting, instrumentation, a 3.28 first gear, an entirely new wiring system, and more.

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