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This 1958 Beck Lister replica was Chuck Beck's personal race car. It is a special one-off, light-weight racing version of his road-going cars, and is Serial #007. It's a two-layer lay-up (three is standard), and weight was further saved by reducing coachwork to hood pins and cosmetic step-over doors.

This is a registered 1958 street-legal racecar with race history. It was driven competitively by Beck's talented son, Randy Beck. With a very high-compression full-race Donovan motor capable of pulling to 8000 rpm, this car won virtually every race it ever entered, including top honors at the Run & Gun with a 10-flat first pass through the quarter.

With a pump-gas 383 cu-in engine, it went 11.22 on street tires at IRP during the 2002 One Lap of America. Two years earlier, it set the Fastest Time of Day at Michigan International Speedway and Gingerman Raceway during the same annual event. It was during those two endurance events that the car received the majority of its 10,825 highway miles.

More pictures available upon request.

For more information, contact:

Ed Dellis
(seven one four) 342-3020

(Pacific Time Zone)

The manual windshield wipers are designed into the removable header bow, and the car now has a removable black convertible roof that snaps into place over the rollbar and along the inside of the door sills and header bow. It is designed so that no snaps are visible from the outside of the car. Side curtains zip along the top and drop down to pay those nasty tolls. When not in use, it hardly takes up any space in the car's surprisingly large trunk. LC470 side curtains keep wind buffeting in check.

This year, durable, weather-resistant black vinyl seats were installed. A custom-molded PersonaGrip steering wheel steers the shortened quick-ratio C4 Corvette rack-and-pinion steering assembly through approximately 2.9 turns lock-to-lock.

Although there is no heater or defroster, with the windows up, it is quite comfy on a cool night. High-intensity LEDs mounted at rear give the people you pass a little more viewing time.

The roll bar cross brace is removable for street use with four bolts top and bottom, but for tracks, we use it for added rigidity, and as a camera mount. Sparco five-point belts keep both passenger and driver in one place.

Halibrand replica wheels are fitted with 255s in the rear, and 245s up front. Lockeed calipers with Performance Friction pads up front and a new set at the rear in C4 calipers handle the stopping duties. All are pressurized through a dual-master cyclinder adjustable balance brake pedal assembly. Brake bias is is further tailored on the track with a dash-mount lever. Braided steel lines are used throughout.

An all-aluminum Griffin radiator keeps the beast cool even in traffic with a manually operated 1600+ CFM sucker-fan. A Richmond Street 5-speed tranny with a 3.28 first that is shifted by a Long shifter. Power goes through an 8-inch driveshaft into a limited-slip Dana 44 outfitted with a set of 3.07 gears. Special racing axles are fitted to handle the high torque output.

A dual-pick-up 22-gallon ATL racing fuel cell stores the fuel inside the trunk along with the battery. This arrangement provides a nearly perfect 45/55 (front/rear) weight distribution with driver aboard.

Believe it or not, the car is so softly sprung, it is a dream to drive on the street. The front end is a coil-over arrangement, while the rear maintains the simple monoleaf arrangement straight off the standard C4 Corvette.